Born Kiev, Ukraine 1982
Lives and works Brooklyn, NY

2007 Rhode Island School of Design // MFA Sculpture
2005 Brandeis University // BA Sculpture, Philosophy
2004 University College London, UK
Pont-Aven School of Contemporary Art, France

Two Person Exhibitions

2016 John Schacht + Anna Mikhailovskaia / Knockdown Center / Maspeth, NY / Curated by Stacie Johnson

Select Exhibitions

2017 Deconstructed / Terault Contemporary / Baltimore, MD / Curated by Esther Ruiz
2016 Shadows of the Moonlight / 326 Gallery / New York, NY / Curated by Jerry Blackman
Monochromatic / Asya Geisberg Gallery / New York, NY
Unnatural History / Jeffery Leder Gallery / New York, NY
2015 Tropic-Aire Market / Regina Rex / New York, NY
Hotel California / Curated by Jenny Lee / Brooklyn, NY
2014 Secret Santa's Car Key Party / Orgy Park / Brooklyn, NY / Curated by Steven Mykietyn and Zuriel Waters
November / 437A / Brooklyn, NY / Curated by Skye Gilkerson, Magdalen Wong and Xinyi Cheng
2013 Half Life / Salon Exhibition / Brooklyn, NY / Curated by Andrew Prayzner
New York I Love You Sometimes / Classic Six / New York, NY / Curated by George Terry
2012 Stones Bones and Relics / Brooklyn Fireproof / Brooklyn, NY
Lines and Shapes / Brooklyn Fireproof / Brooklyn, NY
2010 Metropolitan Museum of Art Employee Art Show / Metropolitan Museum of Art / New York, NY
2009 Will It Happen / Elga Wimmer Gallery / New York, NY
2007 RISD Graduate Thesis Exhibition / Rhode Island Convention Center / Providence, RI
Esthetic Surplus / Curated by Michael Oatman / Staygold Gallery / Brooklyn NY
Alter/Ultra Ego / Sol Koffler Gallery / Providence, RI
Not Pictured / Curated by Kaveri Nair / Sol Koffler Gallery / Providence, RI
Inspected by Virtus Heywood : RISD Sculpture / Sol Koffler Gallery / Providence, RI
2006 VOICE: Women in Contemporary Art / Juried by Kara Walker / Providence Art Club / Providence, RI
RISD Sculpture Presents / 191 Westminster / Providence, RI
2004 PSCA Summer Exhibition / Pont-Aven, France

Public Works

2008 – 2010 Spiral Ellipse / Earthwork sited on the Fidelity Investments Certified Wildlife Habitat / Smithfield, RI


2016 / June BROOKLYN RAIL 'Anna Mikhailovskaia and John Schacht,' Diana McClure
/ June NEW YORK TIMES 'Galleries Shift Shape to Survive in a Changing Art World,' Roberta Smith
/ June NEW YORK MAGAZINE - Vulture 'Never Was My Breath Taken Away Like It Was at the Knockdown Center,' Jerry Saltz
/ June THE ART NEWSPAPER 'Odd Couple: Knockdown Center pairs Anna Mikhailovskaia with John Schacht,' Gabriella Angeleti
2013 / June NYARTS MAGAZINE Bushwick Open Studios Preview
/ February HER ROYAL MAJESTY 'A Gallery Undone on the Upper East Side,' Madison Mainwaring
2012 / December FORGETGOOD Interview + Recent Works, Kylie Gava
/ October NYC-ARTS Twitter and NYC-ARTS Tumblr
/ September BUSHWICK DAILY Editor's Pick - 'Stones Bones and Relics,' Katarina Hybenova
2007 / May / PROVIDENCE JOURNAL "RISD Students Rising," Bill Van Siclen
2006 / May & June ARTFORUM Critic's Picks - Providence 'Voice:Women in Contemporary Art,' Jennifer Liese
2004 / August / Le Telegramme 'Art Contemporain : Deux Expos et une Balade Nature a Découvrir'


2007 Fidelity Investments Public Art Grant, RISD / Fidelity Investments Collaborative


2015 'The Irony and Sincerity of Jenny Lee' Anna Mikhailovskaia, Arts in Bushwick
2014 'Architecture and Anthropomorphism: Sculpture by Rory Baron,' Anna Mikhailovskaia, Arts in Bushwick
2014 'Something Darker Lurks: Lucid Dreams by Ginny Casey,' Anna Mikhailovskaia, Arts in Bushwick

Curatorial Projects

2012 Stones Bones and Relics / Brooklyn Fireproof / Brooklyn, NY / Press Release
* Featuring Yevgeniya Baras, Rory Baron, Ginny Casey, Lee Lee Chan, Peter Hoffmeister, Cooper Holoweski, Amanda Lechner, Emilie Lemakis, Mason Saltarrelli, Ellen Schneiderman, Matthew Schrader, StudioAND, Gabriella Szpunt, George Terry, Brett Day Windham and Audra Wolowiec

2012 Lines and Shapes / Brooklyn Fireproof / Brooklyn, NY / Press Release
* Featuring Rory Baron, Jerry Blackman, LeeLee Chan, Ryan Compton, Daniele Genadry, Jacob Goble, Peter Hoffmeister, Niki Kriese, Kaveri Nair, Milton F. Stevenson V and E. Piatt Wilson